Daring illusionist David Blaine has taken to the skies ahead of his planned captivity in a Perspex box - standing on top of towering British landmark the LONDON EYE.

The madcap magician - who's planning to spend 44 days in a see-through box suspended from a crane over London's River Thames - today (28AUG03) balanced on one of the pods of the giant wheel, reaching heights of 137 metres (450 feet).

However, the 30-year-old American stuntmaster was not taking too many chances - he used a strap to connect him to the pod.

The frightening stunt was being filmed for a show to be screened as he enters his Perspex tomb on 5 September (03).

Blaine will be incarcerated for more than six weeks without any food or communication, and his only nourishment will be water.

28/08/2003 17:20