Daredevil David Blaine's model girlfriend lashed out at a vandal caught throwing food at the magician's glass cage - by hurling an egg in his face while security staff held him down.

German beauty MANON VON GERKAN flew into a rage after the unnamed smartly-dressed man started tossing eggs at Blaine - who is planning to spend 44 days suspended above London's River Thames - at 1.30 this morning (11SEP03).

After security staff grabbed the man and dragged him to a nearby car park, Van Gerkan asked for him to be held still - before firing one of his eggs at him.

She says, "It was the most physical thing I have ever done. I just planted one right smack in the middle of him. It's been so frustrating seeing David have all these things thrown at him over the last few days, it was a great moment to finally fire one back in the other direction.

"The guy I threw the egg at saw the funny side and was encouraging me to throw it. He kept saying, 'Go on then, I deserve it. I chucked one at him so you can chuck one at me.'"

The attacker, in his thirties, was released by the guards and police were not called.

11/09/2003 21:12