Madcap David Blaine's girlfriend is no fan of his latest stunt - because his planned 44 days in a box mean she'll miss out on lots of sex.

The wacky American is currently suspended above London's Thames river, where he will live in a Perspex box and survive only on water for the duration.

And while she's proud of him, stunning model MANON VAN GERKEN admits she'll be having a hard time doing without her man for so long.

She says, "I'll need every ounce of willpower to keep me from going crazy while he's in that box.

"He's one of the sexiest men alive. It's going to be real tough to without him for all that time."

Blaine, 30, said before beginning the stunt that "the absence of girls" would be the hardest part for him.

He has previously dated model JOSIE MORAN and KILL BILL star Daryl Hannah.

08/09/2003 02:47