Magician David Blaine was unfazed by onlookers teasing him with fast food during his starvation stunt - because he didn't feel hungry at all.

The 30-year-old American spent 44 days suspended in a Perspex box above London's River Thames in September and October (03), abstaining from any nourishment except water. He found himself the butt of various pranks at the hands of the British public, including one cunning onlooker who attached a hamburger to a model helicopter and flew it up to Blaine's box.

But the illusionist insists he wasn't shaken: "It's such a weird thing, and I think about it a lot, but while I was in the box I didn't feel hungry.

"I think about food all the time now but then I felt very liberated. I had no wheat or dairy to clog up my system. I felt very pure and refreshed. I got very energised mentally. I really enjoyed it in a way.

"I was never tempted by people holding up hamburgers and disgusting stuff like that. If people really wanted to tempt me they should've brought down a plate of hot soup. That would have been hard to resist."

He adds, "I never thought I was going to die. I knew I probably wasn't. But there were times when it was hard."

03/12/2003 21:16