Starved illusionist David Blaine has disappeared from a London hospital - two days before he was due to be discharged by doctors.

Last Sunday (19OCT03) Blaine ended his ABOVE THE BELOW stunt - in which he survived without food for 44 days suspended above the city in a glass box - and he has since been recovering at the private LONDON INDEPENDENT HOSPITAL in Stepney, east London.

But staff at the clinic were left baffled on Friday (24OCT03) when they discovered Blaine was missing.

The hospital's spokeswoman, CAROL FRIEND, says, "One of our staff went up to see him and he was gone. There was just a thank you note on the bed.

"We don't think his health is in any danger. He was making a good recovery - he had eaten breakfast and lunch earlier in the day."

26/10/2003 14:12