LATEST: David Blaine will spend two days in a spinning gyroscope before attempting to escape from shackles in his latest public stunt. The illusionist revealed his new plans for the New York stunt, which begins later this month (24NOV06), at a press conference yesterday (17NOV06). The 33-year-old will be locked spread eagle into a gyroscope before being dangled 15 metres (50 feet) above Times Square in New York. Blaine will be spun up to eight times every minute for two days, after which he will begin his attempt to escape. Adding more difficulty to the stunt, the 'open' gyroscope will leave Blaine exposed to the harsh New York winter. He says, "Just to make it more difficult on myself, I added a motor (to the gyroscope), so even when I'm sleeping there'll be continuous movement... I think I'm going to have to stay awake the whole time. "This one's exciting for me. This one's a fun one." The charity stunt will benefit The Salvation Army.