David Blaine will be treated by doctors inside his water-filled sphere, after complaining of skin problems. After five days contained inside the tank at New York City's Lincoln Center Blaine's skin is peeling and he is experiencing "constant pins and needles" according to his spokesman PAT SMITH. But he insists Blaine is determined to complete the stunt, which will culminate on Monday with 33-year-old Blaine's attempt to break the world record for holding breath under water - currently eight minutes and fifty eight seconds. Smith says, "Doctors are concerned that he's weakening. They are going to work with him through the weekend, trying to stabilize both his diet and his training regimen. "His skin is peeling very badly on his hands. Those are our biggest concerns right now." Blaine has a mask and air line inside the tank and is being fed liquid nutrition through a tube, but doctors warn prolonged submersion in water can cause nerve damage, sleep depravation and skin damage.