LATEST: American illusionist David Blaine is undergoing a gruelling training schedule to prepare for his most difficult stunt ever. Blaine will attempt to hold his breath underwater for nine minutes - longer than any human being - while living in a human aquarium for a week. DAVID BLAINE: DROWNED ALIVE, will be broadcast live on US network ABC on 8 May (06), from New York City's Lincoln Center where a special aquarium is being built. He explains, "I've been breaking my system down daily, so it's been tough. This hasn't been like the other ones. It's been out of control ridiculous." Blaine has been training with a world-class elite free-diving team and Navy SEALS to prepare for the stunt. He adds, "This has been the most rigorous training I've ever done, and it's harder than any stunt I've ever done and I haven't even done the stunt yet, so you can imagine." The current world record for a person holding their breath underwater is eight minutes, 58 seconds. The illusionist's past stunts include being suspended over London's River Thames for 44 days while fasting and being suspended in a block of ice for 61 hours.