Magician David Blaine is once again the focus of torment from onlookers at his London-based latest stunt - people are trying to shine laserpens in his eyes.

Blaine has already been pelted with food by members of the public watching him attempt to survive in a suspended box for 44 days without food, and the latest interruption has made him increasingly nervous.

A security source at the event says, "They had hidden out at a spot quite far away from where we were standing guard. David was very frightened because in America a red dot means that someone is aiming a gun at you."

Fortunately for Blaine, the responsible trio were caught and arrested to ensure they posed no substantial threat to the fearful magic man.

The source adds, "Because we were dealing with laser pens and David was so shaken, we called the police and the men were questioned."

All three have been released without charge.

10/09/2003 21:20