LATEST: The man who attempted to sabotage David Blaine's quest to spend six weeks in a box has been charged.

Cleaner STEPHEN CHARLES FIELD, 38, faces charges of using threatening behaviour and causing criminal damage, after an alleged bid to cut off the water supply to the illusionist's transparent London home.

The wacky star is a week-and-a-half into his dangerous challenge - which involves him living in captivity without food for 44 days.

It's claimed Field climbed a scaffold support tower connected to Blaine's Perspex cage - which is suspended over the River Thames - and subsequently tried to cut the line which delivers water to the magic man.

The British man was released on bail and will appear at TOWER BRIDGE MAGISTRATES COURT, London, on 30 September (03).

Blaine was woken just before 5 o'clock yesterday (16SEP03) by a man climbing the scaffold.

According to Britain's The Sun newspaper, Field was arrested after the frightened stuntman screamed, "Where are the police?"

Witnesses say the man tugged at mooring cables, rocking Blaine's makeshift home and shouting, "F*** off home you f***ing YANK. No one wants you here."

17/09/2003 02:33