Magician David Blaine has been spotted getting close with Ralph Lauren model BRIDGET HALL - even though he is still dating German girlfriend MANON VON GERKAN.

The New York-born illusionist has already been seen spending time with British Lara Croft body double LARA CLARKSON this week (begs14JUN04) - and now he has been seen getting close to blonde beauty Hall at London's Boujis CLUB.

A source tells Sunday newspaper NEWS OF THE WORLD, "Blaine arrived with a group of friends, but he was very close with a tall girl who was just gorgeous.

"They were very intimate and kept whispering in each other's ears, which got a lot of us staring.

"He had other girls come up to him, but he was only interested in the woman he was with."

Blaine and Hall reportedly left the back of the club and jumped into a waiting vehicle.

21/06/2004 13:47