LATEST: Ailing stuntman David Blaine was released from a New York City hospital yesterday (09MAY06) after seven-days underwater left him unconscious and suffering convulsions. The 33-year-old magician needed medical treatment after his climatic quest to set a new world record by holding his breath for nine minutes failed, and divers pulled him from the spherical aquarium in Lincoln Square, New York. Blaine suffered liver damage, pins and needles, loss of sensation, loss of dexterity and multiple rashes during the stunt. Friends collected him from Roosevelt Hospital in a wheelchair. His trainer KIRK KRACK says, "(He was) unconscious when we brought him to the surface. If we hadn't intervened, he would still be at the bottom of the sphere doing a breath-hold." As his ordeal ended, Blaine told the crowd, "This was a very difficult week but you all made it fly by with your strong spirit, your energy. Thank you so much everybody."