Illusionist David Blaine has kept his promise to give his first British interview after surviving his starvation stunt to a talk show host he ignored on a previous show.

Blaine appeared on EAMONN HOLMES' GMTV programme two years ago (01), but frustrated the presenter by barely speaking and staring intently at him instead, before revealing a picture of an eye he had drawn onto one of his palms.

Speaking of the interview, Holmes jokes, "He was seriously spooky. He was obsessed with death.

"Certainly I wished to die at one point. Dear God, I haven't had so much fun since I had my last extraction at the dentist."

But Holmes put aside the experience to visit Blaine during his 44 day ABOVE THE BELOW endurance feat in London - and the pair lined up another chat, through the magician's Perspex box.

After spotting Holmes, the magician threw down a note that read, "That visit on your show was so much fun. See you again."

Holmes says, "I went down to see him in his box and his promised me he would come on the show. I hope he's still in a talkative mood!"

17/11/2003 13:28