Illusionist David Blaine has been warned that having sex in the next few days could kill him.

The American magician is set to leave his Perspex box above London's RIVER THAMES today (19OCT03) after 44 days without food, and probably can't wait to get his hands on gorgeous lover MANON VON GERKAN.

But doctors are concerned Blaine's body is so weak he could have a heart attack.

British pundit DR HILARY JONES says, "Because David is now so weak he should obey what his body is telling him to do.

"If he were to have sex, he could drop dead of a heart attack.

"He'd have an increased risk of a heart attack because sex raises blood pressure and puts more stress on the heart.

"There's more excitement and more adrenaline kicking around and this would put a strain on him."

19/10/2003 14:18