Superstar illusionist David Blaine was held at knifepoint by a crazed fan during a recent visit to Israel.

The American daredevil - who is currently in London ahead of his latest stunt, suspending himself in a glass box above the River Thames for 44 days without food - was pounced on by the drunk during a visit to the country with his girlfriend.

Blaine says, "Recently I went to Israel with my girlfriend because I just wanted to go where I thought no one would recognize me.

"After I stepped off the plane, this drunk touristy guy runs over to me and whips out this giant knife, which he presses to my neck.

"He shouts in my face, 'David Blaine, if you are such a great escape artist, why don't you use your magic to escape from this blade?'

"I thought I was going to die. We just stood like that for what seemed like forever, and then when this man saw my terror, he just strutted off howling with laughter."

Blaine, 30, begins his London stunt next week (5SEP03).

29/08/2003 17:19