Illusionist David Blaine had trouble urinating when he started his fast in a box suspended above London's River Thames - because people kept cheering whenever he needed to pee.

The American stuntman lasted 44 days without food during his ABOVE THE BELOW stunt, but could drink all the water he wanted as it was pumped up to him through a pipe connected to his Perspex box.

To relieve himself, he urinated into a large cup, which thrilled onlookers.

He says, "What was crazy was when I would urinated, people would cheer.

"So for the first week it used to take me 10 minutes to pee. I had to close my eyes and pretend I was in front of a toilet. I'd have to block everything out."

Starvation experts stored and froze Blaine's urine so they could run tests on him after his ordeal.

Now that medical experts are convinced Blaine didn't cheat in any way, they're planning to use him as the subject of a new paper on how to start feeding people suffering from malnutrition.

06/11/2003 14:02