Illusionist David Blaine found the visitors to his London pod who mocked him "funny", and can't understand his countrymen's anger at their actions.

The New York native spent 44 days encased in a Perspex box above the River Thames without food, and had to endure a steady stream of public taunters, including golf balls being lobbed at him, a helicopter dangling hamburgers and fans bearing their breasts.

But the magic man, who finally exited the box last Sunday (19OCT03), enjoyed the teasing, and doesn't think Americans should have got upset over it.

He says, "I will straighten all that out. The helicopter was the funniest thing. I was laughing all day. I don't know why America got mad."

And Blaine admits that the very British irreverent approach to his stunt may have rubbed off on him.

He adds, "I went in kind of serious and came out kind of laughing."

27/10/2003 16:58