Illusionist David Blaine has continued his startling recovery from his starvation stunt by dining out at a London restaurant.

The magician - who spent 44 days suspended in a Perspex box above the River Thames with no food - stunned onlookers at trendy Fulham Road eaterie PJ'S BAR + GRILL yesterday (26OCT03), arriving arm in arm with German girlfriend MANON VON GERKAN, before tucking into a hearty meal.

Blaine had vanished from East London's LONDON INDEPENDENT HOSPITAL over the weekend (25/26OCT03) where he had been getting specialised treatment after he finished the draining ordeal eight days ago (19OCT03) - and went to great pains to go unnoticed as he dined out.

The pair sat in a dark corner of the restaurant and ate burgers with fries.

However, one eagle-eyed fellow diner spotted Blaine - who lost 25 kilogrammes (four stone) in weight during his ABOVE THE BELOW ordeal - and commented, "David looked remarkably healthy considering his recent ordeal.

"He wore a hat to avoid being seen but it was definitely him. He showed no signs of not haven eaten for 44 days and looked to have a healthy appetite"

27/10/2003 14:35