American illusionist David Blaine has dismissed reports he attempted to use his celebrity to get a date with a New York waitress, calling the woman "crazy". The unnamed hostess claims the stuntman tried to seduce her as she waited on his party. She writes on her MySpace page, "After I had to remove two of his friends from one of our VIP tables, he turned on what he likes to call his charm. He decided to tell me how he made his first million when he was 20 years old and then told me he was David Blaine. "Then he asked: 'Are you on the menu? Can I have you? You're just so gorgeous.'" But the 33-year-old performer has denied the incident happened in that way. A friend of the star says, "This woman is crazy. Yes, his friends were removed but it was no big deal. He didn't really have any contact with her after that except for ordering drinks."