LATEST: US magician David Blaine has been shackled four stories high over New York's Times Square to kick off his latest charity stunt. The 33-year-old was strapped into a spinning gyroscope and hoisted by crane above the streets of the capital yesterday (21NOV06). He'll spend 48 hours in the contraption before being given another 16 - until Friday morning (24NOV06) - to make his escape. But Blaine insists it's not the difficult finale which is unnerving him - wearing only a lightly padded jacket, trousers and a scarf he'll have to brave three nights of chilly winter weather. Speaking ahead of the stunt, he said, "There is that slight worry of hypothermia but it shouldn't happen. By hour 48 this is going to be really interesting." If he's successful, Blaine will lead 100 children selected by The Salvation Army on a Christmas shopping expedition. Each child will receive a $500 (GBP278) gift certificate from retailer Target.