David Blaine has come under attack once more - a man has been arrested for catapulting balloons full of pink paint at the Perspex box the illusionist is currently isolated in.

Police swooped on a man who fired the missiles from a derelict building he had broken into near the Tower Bridge, London site, where Blaine is attempting to survive 44 days without food.

Security director PAT PRINCE says, "One of our officers who was patrolling in the area heard the twang of a catapult being fired and went to investigate. We detained the man, the police then arrested him.

"The frustrating thing is that once again this man was smartly dressed and well spoken. You would think that middle-class, middle-aged people would know better."

A police spokesperson adds, "A 28-year-old man was arrested for being in possession of a catapult, going equipped to cause criminal damage. He is in custody at WALWORTH POLICE STATION."

The episode follows a stream of similar incidents during Blaine's 21 day stay.

26/09/2003 17:17