British soccer star David Beckham is 'a god' in Japan, according to his wife VICTORIA. The former SPICE GIRL claims the Real Madrid ace is worshipped like a deity in the Asian country, and followers pray to him on the island of Awajishima where a bronze statue of the star has been erected. Victoria tells Harper's Bazaar magazine, "There is a temple there where the Japanese go to pray to a statue of David. I know it sounds crazy but it's true." The Beckhams' popularity in Japan has continued to soar since the 2002 World Cup was held in the Far Eastern country, with David being welcomed as a deity in certain parts of Japan. However, the Japanese are not the only ones worshipping the ground the soccer player walks on - there is also a statue of the former Manchester United player at the Wat Pariwas Buddhist temple in Thailand, where Beckham stands alongside statues of the Buddha SIDDHARTHA GAUTAMA, the historical founder of the spiritual philosophy.