Victoria shed her popstar past when she founded her eponymous fashion label in 2008, and three years later it became a New York Fashion Week staple.

Reports surfaced in March (16) that David, 40, had quietly stepped down as director from the brand. But 41-year-old Victoria insists they are still very much a partnership.

“David comes to my shows and David is my business partner. Everything we do, we do everything together. We really support each other,” she smiled to #legend.

In the business papers, acquired by Radar, it showed that David had made the move in December 2014 after six years in the role. Insiders said the structural shake-up was less about marital problems though, and all to do with the differences in their respective companies.

As well as shared business interests the couple, who have been married for nearly 17 years, also raise four children. Work chat is mainly kept out of the house though, allowing the two mega stars to enjoy quality family time.

"I tend not to talk too much about (work) when I get home because I’ve been working on it all day and there’s so many other things to catch up with with regards to the children and what he’s doing but he’s the best partner anybody can have,” she gushed.

Victoria’s mind is never far away from fashion, and she has plenty more ambitions she wants to fulfil.

"When I first started, I had a very small collection of fitted dresses. And that was very much how I was dressing. As the seasons have gone on, my silhouettes have loosened up,” she pointed out, adding: “I’d love to do menswear."