Soccer star David Beckham's tattooist has confirmed long-held suspicions - his pop singer wife VICTORIA "has a lot to do with his image".

The Real Madrid player's sartorial choices have often been the subject of ridicule, with claims his ex-SPICE GIRL wife tells him what to wear and how to style his hair.

Now in a new TV documentary, the footballer's personal tattooist LOUIS MALLOY confirms, "Victoria does have a lot to do with his image."

However, Malloy adds Victoria has not always been a fan of her husband's bodyart.

When David announced he was going to get the number seven - the shirt he famously wore for his last club MANCHESTER UNITED - tattooed on his right arm in Roman numerals, she tried to dissuade him, saying, "I think it's tacky."

Malloy also defends the Beckham's tattoo tribute to Victoria - her name written out in Hindi - even though it is spelt incorrectly.

He says, "I did a reading on an Indian family who instantly told me it was Victoria. If it was good enough for them, it was good enough for me."

04/11/2003 14:00