The couple often find themselves the topic of break-up reports, but after nearly 17 years of marriage and four children, Louise reveals they are stronger than ever.

“They’re really happy. I don’t see them; I don’t acknowledge them,” she said to Britain's Now magazine.

It’s not just their marriage which is the subject of media scorn; the Beckhams have come under fire recently for uploading videos of their youngest son, 11-year-old Cruz, singing. First a snippet of Cruz belting out the Twista featuring Faith Evans song Hope was uploaded to Victoria’s Instagram with the caption “Super cute Cruz!” Then David got in on the action with a video of Cruz singing Cups, from Pitch Perfect.

While many are impressed with his vocal skills, British TV presenter Piers Morgan has called the move “shameless”.

“I don't think it's good,” he said on TV show Good Morning Britain. "You get these celebrity parents and they bang on about protecting their kids and they go on about privacy and then they're Instagramming this 11-year-old to gazillions of people, trying to make him a star like Brooklyn (Beckham, 16) is now a photographer.

“Can't they just be kids, really? Then when they leave school they can make their own decisions and if they want to go into this kind of thing then great."

While Louise didn’t comment on her nephew, she did share the advice her sister always dishes out.

“Victoria said to just ignore it. All the time, with everything, she says just ignore it,” she sighed, adding that when their separate clothes stores were unfairly compared, Victoria told her to rise above it.

“But you know what, it was good for business. So that’s how I have to think of it. People who never knew I had a store before have been ringing up and visiting.”