David Beckham has denied that he and wife Victoria have ever had Scientology "shoved down their throats" by pals TOM CRIUSE and Katie Holmes.

The La Galaxy player has been speaking about his close friendship with the couple since the Beckham family made the move to the States and described them as "amazing people" who were "just so positive about life".

"We respect their religion. We respect everything they do and believe in," he told Arena.

"But they have never turned around to us and said, 'You have to be a part of this', because that's not what they're about. It's never been about that.

"There's been nothing shoved down our throats because friends don't do things like that."

Tom and Katie, along with Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith, hosted a huge star-studded party for the Beckhams when they arrived in Los Angeles in July. The event was attended by a flurry of stars, including Bruce Willis, Wesley Snipes, Jim Carrey and George Clooney.

30/10/2007 12:37:41