Manchester United superstar WAYNE ROONEY has unveiled a patriotic tattoo on his arm.

The 21-year-old football genius has had a St George's flag tattooed on the top of his left arm with the words "English And Proud" underneath.

Rooney, who has been recovering from injury after suffering a broken foot when playing in United's first game of the season, chose the £200 design to show his love for his country.

One friend told the Sun newspaper: "It's well impressive and shows how much his country means to him.

"Everybody knows how proud Wayne is to put on the England shirt and now they will be able to see that."

Rooney went to the 72 Tattoo parlour in Manchester last week with team-mate Wes Brown, who got a 12-inch "Life, Love and Loyalty" symbol tattooed across his ribs.

Tattoos are nothing new at Old Trafford. Former Red Devils legend David Beckham has so far notched up around 12 designs across his body, starting with his son's name Brooklyn across his back and a full angel across his shoulders.

19/09/2007 10:18:28