Manchester United centre back RIO FERDINAND has been left red-faced after one of his wind-up stunts backfired.

Rio's production team trapped presenter JAYNE MIDDLEMISS in a lift for 20 minutes with only a crazy singing musician for company.

However, the Geordie presenter suffers from extreme claustrophobia and had a panic attack in the lift.

Rio, who claims he knew nothing of the prank filmed for his latest ITV series ALL STAR WIND-UPS, has since tried to apologise to a distraught Jayne.

The talented defender tried his hand at TV production last year with WORLD CUP WIND-UPS, with tricks played on then-captain David Beckham, fellow Manchester United star WAYNE ROONEY and goalkeeper DAVID JAMES.

However, this time the trick seemed to backfire on Rio. A source told Mirror: "Jayne had a panic attack and passed out in the lift because the musician ignored her screams to be let out and just kept singing this mad tune at her.

"When the stunt ended, she was all over the place and doctors were called to treat her."

Jayne was reportedly "livid", but the stunt has been cut from the show.

13/06/2007 10:13:23