POSH SPICE was so pleased to see her husband David Beckham at the airport in Los Angeles that she actually cracked a smile, recent snaps show.

The 33-year-old SPICE GIRL was evidentially over-the-moon to be reunited with her man as the pair drove away from the airport after their two-week separation.

Posh has recently been jetting around the globe, visiting London and Paris, while Becks was forced to Rush back to the UK after hearing his father Ted had had a heart attack.

A source revealed recently that Victoria was feeling the strain of being apart from the 32-year-old footballer.

A source told Heat magazine: "We are always telling her she spreads herself way too thin and it makes it worse that she is such a worrier as well," reports the Daily Mail.

"Recently it has all piled up on her and what with being away so often and David's dad being ill, it's overwhelmed her.

"She says that although she spends hours on the phone, when the call eventually ends, she feels worse than before. She needs his physical presence."

18/10/2007 13:45:34