David Beckham fans had a shock on Friday night (29Jun07) when SIR Ben Kingsley pretended to be the soccer star's new coach. The Oscar winner stunned late-night TV viewers in America when he appeared in a skit on Scottish comedian Craig Ferguson's The Late Late Show pretending to be in charge of Beckham's new team, Los Angeles Galaxy. Donning a dark green tracksuit with yellow bands, the Gandhi star claimed to be new Galaxy boss Stanley Wilson - a former English soccer tough guy, who used to beat up rivals and referees. Upon hearing Kingsley's character had renounced violence after years spent living in California, Ferguson's former Manchester United player-turned-pundit Dirk Weems tried to rile his one-time rival, poking fun at his lack of hair. Ferguson's character called Kingsley's "Baldy" and "Cueball." The Scot then attacked Beckham's new team, telling his fictional coach, "Your team couldn't score in a Bangkok whore house." The skit ended with Kingsley's coach character smashing a bottle of hair tonic over the cheeky pundit's head.