Footballer David Beckham has said that he still gets starstruck when he meets celebrities he admires.

The La Galaxy star was being interviewed by Kate Thornton on BBC's Radio 2 on Christmas day.

During the wide-ranging interview the 32-year-old spoke about his career, his interests and the family's footballing talents. He also revealed how he was taken aback on meeting musician Stevie Wonder.

He added that he was embarrassed to ask the singer for a photograph and had to ask his wife to do it for him.

Recalling the moment, Beckham said: "It was funny. He said to me, 'If you could teach me to play football then you'd be some player.' Those are the sort of moments you cherish.

"I still get very starstruck by many people we meet," he added.
He also praised his eight-year-old son Brooklyn's footballing ability saying that the he had a great right foot and a fabulous shot.

Beckham also joked that Victoria always had to play goalkeeper in the family football games and the boys would tell her to stand in goal and "then just kick balls at her".

The star also revealed that his talent on the football field didn't mean that he was an ace on the dance floor. He complained that his wife, who is currently on tour with the Spice Girls, kept telling him that he was such a poor dancer that it looked like he was listening to a different kind of music.

26/12/2007 13:16:25