Soccer hunk David Beckham's alleged infidelity appears to have had a drastic effect on his wife VICTORIA's eating habits - after the singer's gaunt frame has sparked health fears.

The former SPICE GIRL shocked onlookers during her three-day visit to Los Angeles this week (begs10MAY04) with her incredibly thin arms and legs and bones in her neck and shoulders prominently sticking out.

Victoria has been under a lot of strain since the Real Madrid player's former personal assistant Rebecca Loos claimed she had an affair with the sportsman in April (04), which was followed by allegations from further women.

As Victoria donned a vest and tight-fitting jeans to a LOS ANGELES LAKERS basketball match yesterday (13MAY04), fellow sports fans were horrified by her gaunt figure.

One onlooker says, "I was shocked to see how thin she was. She has always had a wonderful figure, but she now looks as if she lost too much weight."

However, her spokesman denied the pop star was any thinner than usual, saying, "Victoria has not lost any extra weight recently and she certainly does not have an eating disorder.

"Her body shape is the same as normal, but because the summer (04) is coming she is wearing fewer clothes and people see more of her body."

14/05/2004 13:36