Soccer star David Beckham made an embarrassing blunder on the set of a TV advert when he mistook an actor for a genuine estate agent.

Real Madrid player Beckham asked his co-star in the commercial for cellphone giants VODAPHONE, advice on buying the mansion featured in the ad.

And although JORGE ALONSO frequently reminded Beckham throughout the shoot he was just an actor, the hunky ENGLAND captain continued to quiz him about property.

Alonso says, "He really thought I was a genuine estate agent and kept asking all sorts of things about the mansion we were using.

"I told him that I was only an actor but he still carried on asking me questions.

"I was a little surprised but tried to humour him. I said such a dream home would cost a fortune, but he could afford it.

"He just smiled and said, 'Maybe, maybe.'"

01/12/2003 14:08