David Beckham wasn't the best soccer player in his class at school.

The 39-year-old retired sportsman visited Chase Lane Primary School in Chingford, London, where he studied as a youngster to speak with some of the students there.

When one of them asked him about his nascent career as a soccer player, he replied: ''We had a few good players. I don't think I was the best in the class.''

David - who played for the club Manchester United in the UK as well as the England team during his career - surprised the kids at the school in assembly.

In a video to promote Sainsbury's Active Kids, he told them: ''I haven't been back here for 30 years so it's nice to be back.''

Joking with the students, he added: ''We had one teacher called Mr. McGee that really scared me, erm and it was lucky because he actually prepared me for [former Manchester United manager] Sir Alex Ferguson, who was also scary.''

David - who has children Brooklyn, 15, Romeo, 11, Cruz, nine, and two-year-old daughter Harper with his wife Victoria - also launched his own brand of swimwear in London last night (14.05.14), at which he admitted before he married the former Spice Girls singer he took her on holiday and donned a pair of tiny swimming shorts to try and woo her.

He said: ''When we went away for the first time I remember I took a pair of small, tight, dark blue Gucci trunks with me - I was obviously trying to impress her. They were really small, but they worked!''