David Beckham is expected to bank a Fortune in the next 12 months thanks to his involvement in the 2012 London Olympic Games and its opening ceremony.

A leading Hollywood management and marketing agency said that the 37-year-old sportsman has always been a huge figure in culture and sports but his latest job could take his success to the next level.

They said: ''His appearance at the Olympics has taken his appeal to a new level.

''And Beckham looked like a movie star on the speedboat, that ups his stock as a model and brand representative.

''Of course Hollywood will also be interested in him too.''

David recently said he would love to have dinner with Jack Nicholson and US President Barack Obama.

The soccer star has named his dream dinner party line up, and sided with royalty and political leaders.

When asked his dream line up, he said: ''I'd invite Jack Nicholson, Prince Harry, Prince William, Boris Johnson and President Obama.''

When asked what he'd serve for dessert, he replied: ''My favourite dessert has to be treacle sponge with custard, with Ambrosia, but I also like Angel Delight.''