David Beckham loves the anonymity of riding his motorbike down the US west coast.

The 43-year-old retired football legend has taken fans on the road with him on new digital fan club OTRO, which gives supporters unprecedented access to the biggest names in the game.

In a clip filmed during one of his road trips, he told subscribers: ''There's something about being on a bike, being on your own ...

''That moment when you have a helmet on, when you're riding through the traffic, when you're riding past the ocean -- no-one knows it's you.''

He admitted his own hectic schedule means he and his good friends - Derek, Gill and Rob - make the most of their trips, and while they don't usually plan a route they ''always end up somewhere great'' and unexpected.

The new platform features some of the biggest names in world football - including the likes of Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi and Eric Cantona - and aims to take people behind the scenes in the everyday lives of their favourite players.

As well as daily exclusive content like original films, interviews and live Q&A sessions, it will even give users the chance to meet their heroes through challenges and prizes.

Fans can join now through PCs and smartphones at OTRO.com, while the app will be in the iOS and Android app stores later this week.

While there is a free version with a selection of content, the platform is also available for a monthly subscription of $3.99 to give even greater access.