Soccer ace David Beckham has attacked his family's former nanny for cruelly defaming his wife VICTORIA in the media.

The Real Madrid player and his ex-Spice Girls wife are currently fighting off a series of sensational claims unleashed in British newspaper the NEWS OF The World (24APR05) by former employee ABBIE GIBSON.

She claimed the couple ferociously argue all the time and are on the verge of splitting up - prompting the Beckhams to launch legal action against the 22-year-old.

And David is particularly furious Gibson labelled him a bad father and Victoria a "wicked witch".

British newspaper the DAILY MIRROR reports David as saying, "I'm being portrayed as some kind of uncaring monster and Victoria is meant to be the wicked witch of the west. I am sick of it. It's just people selling stories for money.

"I'm sick and tired of everybody having a go at us just for being a normal couple. We're happily married and are going to stay that way."

The Beckhams, who live in Madrid, Spain, took the decision to sue Gibson after failing to win a court order banning the News Of The World from publishing an interview with their ex-nanny.

27/04/2005 14:00