The retired footballer, who is married to Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham, will appear on the programme on BBC Radio 4 next weekend (28-29Jan17).

He said of the honour: "I'm delighted to join Desert Island Discs for its 75th anniversary celebrations.

"Music has been a huge part of my - and my family's - life and it is a real pleasure to highlight that on such an iconic programme."

It is unknown as yet if David will choose any of his relatives' most famous songs - either Victoria's with the Spice Girls or 11-year-old son Cruz's Christmas single.

He will have the task of picking eight songs, a book and a luxury item to take with him if he was to be washed up on a desert island. Guests are always told they will be given two items - the complete works of Shakespeare and the Bible - so have to choose outside of that.

Over 3,000 celebrity guests have been on Desert Island Discs since it began on 29 January, 1942, with Kirsty Young presenting the much-loved British classic since 2006 and becoming somewhat synonymous with the show.

She said of her star guest: "His sporting legacy is of course extraordinary. And along with his charisma, cultural impact and humanitarian work, he is a modern man of many parts.

"He'll be a fascinating guest to welcome on to my little interview island."

Desert Island Discs attracts an average audience of 2.8 million every week, with names including rocker Bruce Springsteen and George Michael among those who have taken part.

BBC Radio 4 and Radio 4 Extra controller Gwyneth Williams added of the programme's legacy: "A sure way to uncover an elusive British national identity is to listen to this programme week after week.

"The broad range of guests is a measure of contemporary talent and achievement, and the music opens up different eras and prompts emotional memory in all of us."