Veteran actress JOAN COLLINS sympathises with soccer star David Beckham's recent alleged marital problems - saying she understands how easy it is to fall for someone abroad.

The DYNASTY actress, who has been married five times, believes Beckham may have suffered from 'DCOL' - 'Doesn't Count On Location' syndrome - in wake of reports he cheated on his wife VICTORIA with his former PA REBECCA LOOS and Malaysian model SARAH MARBECK.

Collins, 71, explains, "This became the excuse for many libido-inflamed young actors and crew members working in exotic places far from home.

"It was quite accepted by most who were indulging in an extra-marital fling that an affair on location meant nothing.

"This is why I have some sympathy for David Beckham, who may have fallen victim to DCOL syndrome in Madrid. Men's brains often descend into their nether regions when deprived of female companionship and having observed it first hand on location, I believe I recognised the symptoms."

28/05/2004 14:02