U.S. soccer star JESSE MARSCH has become public enemy number one in Hollywood after becoming the first Major League Soccer player to cross golden boy David Beckham. The 33-year-old Chivas star sparked a fight during his team's 3-0 victory over Beckham's new club L.A. Galaxy on Thursday (23Aug07) after he fouled the British sports hero. His high, flying kick made contact with Beckham, bringing the former England captain to his knees on the pitch. The U.S. import then angrily challenged Marsch and two players were ejected from the game in the fracas that followed. Marsch says, "Things obviously got out of hand... but it wasn't more than what it looked like on the field; I got a little piece of him - a little more than I would have liked and I apologised afterwards. "He had gotten me a couple of plays before that... he came in late on a play and got a piece of me and after that he got another piece of me... You've got to stand up for yourself but everything is heightened when he's on the field." Marsch admits he's learning fast that it isn't wise to foul Beckham - because you quickly become very unpopular. Speaking on Friday's (24Aug07) Ryan Seacrest Show on Los Angeles radio station Kiis FM, Marsch added, "I got some interesting looks at half time and after the end of the game from certain league people. Obviously he's the jewel in our crown and I regret the whole incident. "I'm kinda watching my back all around town right now. "I just hope that me kicking him doesn't lead to other people trying to kick him. All of us here respect and understand we need him to be here."