David Beckham's much anticipated move to the glitz of California has been widely panned by footballing critics as a semi-retirement option, but PR guru Max Clifford has also warned the superstar and his wife that they have not yet cracked LA's showbiz world.

Beckham and ex-Spice Girls wife Victoria Beckham have announced a switch to Los Angeles from their current home in Madrid, after Beckham was left out of much of Real Madrid's recent campaign, with reports also claiming Victoria wanted out of the country.

And the move Stateside has been allegedly masterminded by Victoria, who is keen to enhance her reputation in Hollywood and close friendships with Tom Cruise, wife Katie Holmes and other Tinseltown hot shots.

But Clifford has told the Manchester Evening News that the Beckhams have their work cut out in America.

He said: "He has gone from the centre of the football world to the centre of the showbiz world.

"There are plenty of shops and television studios. Victoria might even bump into a record producer. Other than that she will be famous for being Mrs Beckham."

However, Victoria has other ideas after long discussions with close friend and former SPICE GIRLS manager Simon Fuller, who has already made it in the US, with cameos in Desperate Housewives and other projects reportedly planned.

12/01/2007 13:14:23