Footballing legend David Beckham has spent a massive £110,000 whisking his wife away for a weekend in Paris for her 33rd birthday.

The former England captain treated his wife to a weekend in the French capital, along with a host of new outfits, shopping and a trip on a private jet, to celebrate what could be her last birthday in Europe.

Leaving sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz behind with Victoria's mum, David packed Victoria's bag for her  filling it with new clothes he had bought  and set off on a jet for the romantic capital city.

A source told the Mirror: "She was overwhelmed to see he'd even managed to get a pair of skinny white jeans from her new collection - she hadn't even had a production sample in yet so she had no idea how he'd have managed it."

When they arrived, the two spent hours shopping and visited Victoria's favourite designers for a private fitting session before heading to dinner at the Guy Savoy restaurant  which they had to themselves.

Then it was on to the Paris Ritz for the night, where David had filled the room with flowers and champagne.

Victoria was said to be "overwhelmed" as she was only expecting "a Chinese meal with David and the boys".

18/04/2007 14:55:21