England legend David Beckham is keeping his left arm mostly free of tattoos so he can adorn it with the name, or names, of his future children.

David's wife, Victoria, told the Daily Mail that her footballer husband is hoping to increase his substantial tattoo count with the addition of more names and tributes, should they wish to extend their family.

Posh said: "Yes it's true. I think David is keeping his arm free for - hopefully - the name, or names, of our daughter or any other children we have."

Victoria has made no secret of the fact that, after having three sons, she and David are hoping their next child is a girl, but they may have to wait.

She added: "Of course we would absolutely love to have a little girl but at the moment our lives are so full. So much is going on; we're just concentrating on now and the move to LA."

Beckham has recently splashed out on even more elaborate tattooing on his right arm, completely covering it in one continuous piece.

This adds to the several others he sports across his body, including Victoria's name in Hindi on his left forearm and the roman numerals VII - representing the iconic number seven shirt he wore for Manchester United and England.

06/06/2007 13:04:52