Soccer star David Beckham has splashed out on a $1.7 million (GBP1 million) yacht for his beloved wife VICTORIA.

The hunky Englishman's four-year marriage to the ex-SPICE GIRL has reportedly been under strain since his move from Manchester United to Spanish club Real Madrid and Victoria's second attempt to launch a solo career, meaning the golden couple have been spending a lot of time apart.

David spent an amazing $5.1 million (GBP3 million) on Christmas gifts for his wife. Besides the (15.2-metre) 50-foot boat, he also bought her a $238,000 (GBP140,000) BENTLEY CONTINENTAL car.

A source close to the couple says, "Their marriage has been through the mill and D avid is desperate to keep the family together.

"Buying Victoria the oat means they can get together right away from pressures and relax. He's been looking for one for ages but only decided a few weeks ago."

The new PRINCESS P50 yacht is to be named BROOKLYN-ROMEO after their two sons. The impressive boat travels at a speed of 34 knots with a giant bed in the master cabin.

28/12/2003 14:02