Troubled celebrity couple VICTORIA and David Beckham have turned down repeated TV chat show requests to talk about allegations the soccer superstar cheated on his pop star wife.

Leading British host Michael Parkinson had hoped to talk to the pair on his new show - after his high-profile move from the BBC to the ITV network - but they've have declined the request, even though they have previously starred on his show, with Victoria appearing another two times on her own.

However, a spokesperson for the couple confirms they are refusing to publically address repeated allegations David slept with his former personal assistant Rebecca Loos and model SARAH MARBECK.

The spokesperson says, "They are turning down all TV requests - even Michael Parkinson. They have been inundated with requests, but have said no to everyone.

"Their lawyers are advising them to say nothing - and David and Victoria do not want to add any more fuel to the fire by talking about all this nonsense."

28/04/2004 13:38