British celebrity couple VICTORIA and David Beckham have asked their family and friends to sign contracts banning them from talking to the press.

The former SPICE GIRL is reportedly reeling after former friend DANIELLE HEATH recently claimed she had an affair with the soccer star - and is desperate to prevent further scandalous allegations from appearing in the media.

A friend tells British newspaper the DAILY MIRROR, "Victoria is pregnant and the last thing she needs is hurtful, scandalous stories appearing all the time. From now on, Victoria and David will be insisting that anyone who has regular contact with them signs on the dotted line.

"There'll be virtually no exceptions. They want people who become part of their inner circle to know that talking about them to others, however innocently, is strictly forbidden. These people need to know just how important that is. By signing a confidentiality agreement they are made aware of that responsibility."

17/10/2004 21:13