David Beckham's soccer team have defended the sports star after he came under fire from fans for his 'movie star' lifestyle.
The L.A. Galaxy player has been accused of spending too much time partying with friends including Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria Parker and Tom Cruise - to the detriment of his game.
Beckham joined the California-based squad in 2007 but despite paying a multi-million dollar sum for the player, the team have failed to win any major trophies.
And supporters have been quick to blame the soccer star's celebrity lifestyle.
Fan leader Rick Cordillo says, "He's spending more time on red carpets than he is on green grass - and what kind of example is he setting younger players with the team struggling the way it is?"
But bosses at L.A. Galaxy have hit back, defending Beckham's lifestyle and insisting it doesn't have a negative impact on the players.
A spokesman for the club says, "He's the first one on the training pitch and the last one off. What he does in his private life in no way reflects on the team.
"He's a major celebrity and he's bound to attract attention wherever he goes."