David Beckham's parents were concerned when the English soccer ace first met his now-wife VICTORIA, fearing her pop lifestyle would affect their son's career.

In his new book DAVID BECKHAM, MY SON, David's dad TED BECKHAM tells how he and his wife were shocked at the announcement that their son was having a child ex-SPICE GIRLS singer Victoria only a year after they started dating.

But Ted, 51, insists that it was nothing personal: "I can't pretend that we were totally thrilled that David was going out with a pop star. We weren't worried about Victoria, it was more the sort of lifestyle someone in her world has to lead... going to clubs, staying out late, sleeping in in the mornings. It is all the exact opposite of what a footballer's life should be."

However Ted admits that 30-year-old David would have continued his relationship with Posh Spice no matter what. "Even if we'd disapproved, it wouldn't have made any difference. David is as stubborn as I am and once he's made his mind up, that's it, he's going to go through with it."