David Beckham and wife VICTORIA are set to make millions when they open elite soccer academies in London and Los Angeles, to harness aspiring youngsters' athletic talents.

The REAL MADRID star will be the figurehead for the multi-million dollar DAVID BECKHAM YOUTH SOCCER ACADEMIES set to open next Spring (05), and will hand-pick and direct a team of top coaches in the sporting schools which will generate a fortune for the Beckhams.

A source says, "Talented kids will be hand-picked and hopefully turned into top players. Disadvantaged kids will get a helping hand too.

"David is hiring top-class coaches to teach every aspect of football."

Victoria will act as an ambassador for the project to encourage boys and girls to develop their soccer skills.

The source continues, "And the LA school is likely to attract as many girls as boys, if not more.

"Soccer is huge with American girls since the US hosted and won the Women's WORLD CUP in 1999."

Another source adds, "David loves kids and he thinks the academies will be a great way to give something back and to keep him busy after he retires."

17/08/2004 13:34