VICTORIA and David Beckham ferociously argue all the time and are on the verge of splitting up, according to the couple's former nanny.

ABBIE GIBSON overheard a number of vicious rows between the couple while she looked after their sons BROOKLYN and ROMEO.

She also claims she acted as the confidante for the ex-SPICE GIRL, who pleaded with her REAL MADRID soccer star spouse to remain with her until the birth of their third child CRUZ after they screamed at each other during a particularly heated dispute.

And David was so enraged during the fight, he threatened to walk out on their marriage, according to Gibson.

She tells British newspaper NEWS OF THE WORLD, "I know the truth more than anybody because I have lived under their roof for two years. Unfortunately I was the third person at the heart of their marriage.

"They had rows all the time. But a week before Christmas Day at their home in Madrid they hit a new level. I was in my bedroom and woke up to hear them arguing at about 2am on the landing. I heard David call Victoria a f**king b**ch.

"The next day after David had left for work and I had dropped Brooklyn at school Victoria and I were in the lounge. I said, 'Are you all right?' She started crying and said, 'I don't know what to do. He is on about splitting up. I am walking on egg shells. I have to make sure I don't trigger another argument. I have asked him to stay with me until the baby is born. I think things are slipping away from me.'"

The Beckhams' marriage was thrown into turmoil last year (04) after allegations David had an affair with his former personal assistant Rebecca Loos became front page news.

24/04/2005 14:15